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Spring Lovers - Taehwan x Yeonwu

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BL | Yaoi | Boys Love | Anime | Manhwa | Pin ]


Art by dddaniko ♥︎ produced by professional manufacturers


𝗣𝗶𝗻 𝗜𝗻𝗳𝗼

OG Variant

❀ ~2.75” Gold Hard Enamel
❀ Screenprint and Cutouts

Pink Variant

❀ ~2.75” Rose Gold Hard Enamel
❀ Screenprint and Cutouts

Spring Variant

❀ ~2.75” Light Yellos Metal + Soft Enamel + Epoxy
❀ Screenprint and Cutouts

❀ Only available as an add on, orders with just this variant will be cancelled.


Colours may vary slightly due to screen ♥︎

For grading, trading, resales and shipping policies check on the shop's terms & conditions.

Any other questions drop me a line, happy to answer 🥰

Some deliveries might be delayed and unfortunately I can’t be responsible for lost untracked mail😞 - please add the Tracking listing to upgrade!🌸